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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and skies are mostly clear for these morning hours. we expect nothing in the way of precipitation today or tonight or in fact through the weekend. there are the temperatures, 35 degrees in washington, d.c. 29 in baltimore. 28 at dulles airport. now to the satellite radar. and nothing to see here folks. skies are clear. it's going to be a quiet day. winds have diminished so that's good. and the day itself, it's not going to be bad. take a look. we expect to see a good amount of sunshine today. a lot of sunshine in fact. but still cool. not as chilly as yesterday. looking for a high around 50 degrees. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie. good morning. >> reporter: hey, you guys. no incidents to report right now. traveling into the third street tunnel, the accident has cleared. again, no incidents to report
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headed into the tube making your way from the southeast freeway into the tunnel and back out towards new york avenue. live shot right now of the beltway, traffic running smoothly each way traveling between 95 and 270. no trouble spots there. for those traveling to the west on 66, you're going to find lanes are open. nice easy drive from fair oaks. the hot lane zone has picked up. and now a live shot of traffic across the 395 at 14th street bridge, looks good coming headed towards the key bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. absolute shock and horror on the campus of virginia tech yesterday. two people dead, almost five years after the deadliest shooting in american history rocked that same college community. >> and now police are trying to figure out what happened yesterday that left an officer killed. police released this photo of the police officer.
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he is a 39-year-old. more now live in the news room with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. thousands of students are expected to turn out tonight for a school-wide individual nil the wake of the shooting. right now, police -- wide vigil in the wake of the shooting. the murder touched off another terrifying day at virginia tech. he had been with the department four years and was an army veteran. he leaves behind five children and step children. police say the gunman walked up to him yesterday and shot him inside his car. video from the officer's car shows the suspect with the hand gun at that time car at the time of the shooting. a short time later, police say the suspect's body was found nearby after he apparently turned the gun on himself. >> at approximately 1:00 p.m., a police officer obvioused a suspicious subject in the i lot off of duck pond road and returned to the area to make
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contact with the subject. found them deceased of a gunshot wound. >> our hearts are broken again for the family of our police officer and we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences. >> reporter: police say clothing found in a backpack by police match those of the shooter. students were locked down for more than four hours yesterday and say the worst part was not knowing what was going on outside. last night, students held a impromptu candle light vigil to remember the slain police officer. they gathered at the memorial of the 2007 massacre. 33 people were killed then. the university plans to hold an official vigil tonight. student exams were postponed until tomorrow. the officer joined the virginia tech police force just six months after that 2007 massacre. police say they haven't found
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any connection yet between the police officer and the shooter who has not yet been identified. >> virginia tech parents started getting messages from their kids yesterday. and some say they were not too worried. while the students may have been afraid during the lockdown themselves. parents are giving the school high marks by alerting the students and keeping them safe. and we also have continuing coverage of the virginia tech shooting. you can see the latest updates on our website, and more reports live this morning. virginia state trooper expected to make a full recovery after being shot on the side of i-95 in caroline county. investigators say the trooper stopped to pick up a pedestrian yesterday afternoon. and there was a struck and will both he and the suspect fired shots. the suspect who was also shot
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is listed in critical condition. a 13 or 14-year-old boy is wanted in the shooting of a man near the metro station in southeast. the victim 18 years old found less than a block from the station. that was around 4:15 yesterday afternoon. he was take on the the hospital with serious injuries. the council woman will be sentenced today for her role had a corruption scheme that already has her husband headed to prison. he pleaded guilty to witness tampering. he faces up to 18 months behind bars. her husband was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison tuesday for taking up to a million dollars in bribes. a high school teacher is charged with having sex with three of his students. police arrested the 29-year- old. investigators say he had sexual encounter with the girls both on and off campus. new this morning, police
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are asking for your help finding a missing 12-year-old boy. he was last seen at walker mill middle school yesterday afternoon around 4:00. detectives found out he may not have gone back home after getting disciplined at school. he is described as a black male, brown eyes, 4-foot 9, weighing 85 pounds. new video of when the former chief dominique strauss- kahn allegedly attacked a hotel maid. plus, lava spewing from a volcano in hawaii. more headlines coming up next. 
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new this morn, the former chief of japan's crippled plant has cancer. but doctors don't think it's related to radioactive exposure. he led the effort to stabilize the plant after the earthquake. he stepped down last week citing health reasons. new video from the hotel where the former chief dominique strauss-kahn was staying when he allegedly attack one of the hotel maids. the video you see here, dominique strauss-kahn is
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walking out of the elevator checking out and leaving. you then see the maid who accused him of sexual assault sitting behind a security guard. at one point, it looks like the maid is acting out the assault. the prosecutors dropped the charges because they didn't believe the story. but a legal analyst says the new footage doesn't help his case. iran is showing off the missing spy drone lost last week and the pentagon confirms it is the drone. it is highly classified. apparently it landed intact. and u.s. military and cia drew up plans to try to retief it, but president barack obama decided against it. lava from hawaii's volcano is inching closer to the ocean. it has been erupting since 1983. but now lava is reportedly just a little over a mile away from the pacific. the flows have reached a nearly
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abandoned subdivision. the loan remaining resident says it was about 500-yards from his home. a warning from police next time you get into a traffic accident, think twice before you get out of the car. >> that accident could be a trap. details on that story coming up next. first, let's check in with tony. >> and in a few moments, the latest on the forecast. quiet weather for today. a tad warmer than yesterday. and what's happening with the morning traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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5:14 on this friday. it is cold out there folks. in the 20s in some areas. 30s in some areas. we will check in on the latest for you in a second. president barack obama getting an early start on the hollywoods. last night the president delivered remarks at the annual
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white house hanukkah reception. known as the festival of lights doesn't begin until december 21st. the president was joined by first lady michelle obama, vice president joe biden and the vice president's wife jill. >> this is also a time to be grateful for our friendships, both with each other and between our nations. and that includes of course our unshakable support and commitment to the security of the nation of israel. [ applause ] >> the national will be lit at sun down on december 20th. with a look at the forecast, we need to warm things up, i think. >> well, we will see what we can do. well today will be more mild than yesterday, and then more cold air coming in. it's going to be a cold weekend. let's take a look. the weather headline. and it's all about that. we have now, we are now settling into a chilly and dry pattern.
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after all the rain we had day before yesterday. all right, let's check it out. we've got the current temperatures, we're at 36 degrees right now here in the nation's capital. 36 here. 27 at dulles airport. winchester 38. cambridge is at 32 degrees at this hour. a look at the satellite and radar composite. what i want to show you is, clear skies here right now. and i think we will see a good amount of sunshine for the bulk of the day. the clipper system is going to sink southward. it will bring clouds late in the afternoon and during the evening hours. we will see clouds build in, but they won't last forever. tomorrow a good amount of sunshine again there. area, you can see now, kind of breaking up. and what is there should move to the north. so not expecting any precipitation. but there will be a reenforcing blast of cold air.
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today milder than yesterday. and then cold again for the weekend. forecast for today looks like this as i said, mostly sunny skies today. clouds start to build in late in the afternoon. warmer, high about 50, 51 degrees. yesterday we were at 45 for the high. tonight, clouds will be moving across the skies. chilly temperatures again. in fact, down right cold. 36degrees for your overnight low in town. and then the five-day forecast, the weekend's not bad, just cold. quiet as far as the weather goes. high on saturday only 4 4 degrees. those headed out to the army and navy game chilly. and same for the redskins game on sunday with a high of only about 45 degrees. the overnight lows and cool into the next week. all right. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. and now traffic. for that we go to the invisible julie wright. >> reporter: if only i had lost so much weight you couldn't see me. that was the goal.
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all right. here we go, on the roads, you will find that the lanes are open. no incidents reported right now as you continue to work your way around the capital beltway. southbound along 270, headed through and out toward the lane divide, an easy ride. and same inbound on 66. find that too is at speed making your way from 244 and towards the beltway. overnight construction cleared on 6 and have the beltway. and again, the accident we mentioned when we started the show in new york avenue has cleared. all lanes are open. and this is a live shot. and traffic flowing freely northeast to northwest. that's a check of the fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. a warning from price from police this morning. thieves are using a new technique to steal cars. >> it starts with a bumper and when you get out to check for
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damage, the accomplis takes off with your car. >> reporter: both occurred in the northeast dc residential neighborhood next to the sprawling grounds of rfk stadium. and in both cases, women were driving around 9:30 in the morning when a car from behind tapped their rear bumpers. the most recent case wednesday morning on the 400 block of oklahoma avenue northeast. >> put the car, got out to inspect the damage and one of the striking vehicles occupants circled around and jumped into the car. >> reporter: taken on wednesday morning was a black 2008 black lexus. the nearly identical crime occurred on c street northeast. again, a rolling bump with both cars pulling over. the 80-year-old lived on that block. >> when you first saw her, what was her appearance, what was going on with her? >> she was crying and said
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somebody took her car. and i called the police. and they said what happened. i was standing in my door. it was sad. it was sad. >> reporter: in both cases, the bumping car jackers did not display weapons. the passengers simply got out and drove off with the stopped vehicle. there's a good description of one of the two men, a slim black male age 17 to 20. on wednesday morn, he was wearing a dark colored jump suit with yellow stripes across the chest and stripes down the arms and legs. on one occasion, the car jackers used a kia sedan. on wednesday, a dark chevy maliu. police say if you are bumped and you get out of the car to investigate, turn off the engine, put the keys in your pocket. or if you're suspicious, call 911. fox 5 news. >> thank you. a stern leader headed to
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the box office. >> that hat has got to go. >> i may be convinced to surrender the hat. the pearls are nonnegotiable. >> that's the former prime minister many the iron lady. coming up next, her chat on the other side of the break. merry christmas happy holidays from virginia. ♪
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the acclaimed actresses was in washington here recently for a screening of her movie "the iron lady." >> and we got a chance to catch up with her on the red carpet. and he asked her about something both the actresses and thatcher have had to deal with, being judged by the public. >> really interesting climate. to play her, i had to sort of
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think about what i have, what parts of my life duck tail with hers. the experience about having some sort of weirdly outside image that people have already decided about you. you know, the oddest thing to walk into a room and realize 30 people there, they all have an opinion. i don't know them. i don't have an opinion about them, but they all have an opinion about me. and they all express them. it's exhausting. i know how she felt. >> good way to make yourself relate. >> fortunately his opinion of her is a high one. kevin has s live in the next hour with reviews of new movies opening this week.
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and the guest list is a good one for this year's new year's eve, big stars coming together to ring in 2012. details on what is new in the theater. >> my babysitter, here's what i want her to do. i'm not a real babysitter. >> reporter: you may want to keep your sitter's number handy. the comedy about a college student on suspicion convinced to look after the kids next door. >> noah jay bird. >> oh, you're like a fly. >> reporter: this isn't the 80s kind of adventure in baby sitting, with a r in store, probably best to keep the little ones at home. start the count down to 2012 as marshall once again brings together an ensemble cast to celebrate the holidays there. time, new year's eve. >> you look hot. >> reporter: on the guest list.
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expanding to more theaters as awards season gets closer, the cold war era thriller. >> we are meant to be together and i'm here to get him back. >> i'm sure he's married with a kid on the winch kid's here. >> reporter: while making its start with a limited debut, young adult, a woman determined to win back her husband high school sweetheart regardless of him being happily married. >> you can come to the city with me. >> i'm a married man. >> got a lot to choose from. >> yeah, especially since it's cold this weekend. >> yep. and we are off to a cold start. what is in store for the rest of today and the weekend. and following the top story
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this morning. >> two people are dead in a shooting at virginia tech. an officer gunned down for no reason. the shooter also dead. and now police are trying to figure out why it all happen. [ baby coughing ] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa!
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a live look right now over washington, d.c. you can see the monument on the right, the
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dome on the left. it's cold folks. but it's a shock to the system when you walk out. >> sure, yeah. but we've got to get used to it. probably here to stay now. it certainly will be for the next several days. looking at the five day and the exthe ended forecast. let's take a look now currently. we will start with the satellite. and a quiet start to the morning. mostly clear sky, big bright moon this morning. or overnight i guess. and things have quieted down. now i think we will get clouds later in the day. i would say late afternoon and during the evening hours. but before that, mostly clear, so unshine this morning. current temperatures in the area airportings, yikes, 36 degrees at reagan international airport. 27 at dulles. these are not wind chills, these are the actual air temperatures. forecast for today, quiet day, most sunny. not as breezy as it was in the
5:32 am
early part of yesterday. look for highs better than yesterday. 52 in fredricksburg. 51 in washington for the high today. that's the latest. >> all right. the latest on traffic. julie, can we see or just hear you still? >> i don't think that's going to happen any time soon. >> we're having technical problems. >> yeah. but back on the roads, you will find that the lanes are open. no incidents to report right now for those continuing to work their way around the beltway there. city live shot of traffic inbound. nice and easy commute. no problems for the 3rd street tunnel. and southbound along 270, heavy and slow approaching the 109. and again, still at speed at german town with no other incidents to report. 66 eastbound coming in from business 234. lanes here are open. you're going to find an easy ride inbound towards fair oaks. and on the side of town, we
5:33 am
have reports of problems, a large sink hole. along the left side of the highway. we have just a portion of the roadway that's been damaged. southbound towards the beltway. the lanes there are open. that's a check of the fox 5 ontime traffic. tragedy strikes virginia tech again. a frightening and familiar routine. a campus-wide lockdown with reports of a gunman on the loose. >> this happened after a police officer was shot and killed yesterday afternoon. the officer was a 39-year-old. apparently ambushed during a traffic stop. we have the latest details. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out what drove the gunman to kill the officer and then apparently turn the gun on himself. the attack stunned the campus nearly five years after they suffered one of the deadliest massacres in history. police say they haven't found a connection between the shooter and the officer. the 39-year-old had been on the
5:34 am
four years, office an army veteran and father of five. he was ambushed yesterday sitting inside his car when the gunman walked up and killed him. video shows the suspect with a hand gun. police found the shooter dead in a parking lot nearby. police say tests show and officer and shooter were killed with the same gun. the shooter has not been identified. at the time, most students were in their dorms studied for exams that were scheduled to start today. they say the worst part was not knowing what was happening outside. >> they were checking the doors to make sure they were locked and telling everyone to stay in their rooms. >> it was just quiet. and that's not what you get on a weekday. >> two people. i guess it's somber, but united together and proud as a whole. >> the exams were postponed until tomorrow as the school mourns.
5:35 am
students were in lockdown for more than four hours. last night, a few hundred students did gather for an impromptu candle light vigil. they gathered at the memorial of the 2007 massacre when 33 people were killed. the officer joined the department just six months after the shooting rampage. an official school-wide individual sill scheduled for tonight. the shooting happened the same day the university officials were here in washington, d.c. to appeal a fine for its handling in the massacre nearly five years ago. >> all right. thank you so much. meanwhile, stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of the shooting. the latest updates on and we're going to have lye reports from the campus copping up later on this morning. in a separate incident, a virginia state trooper is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in
5:36 am
caroline county. investigators say the trooper, there he is, stopped to pick up a pedestrian yesterday afternoon. there's a struggle, both he and the suspect fired shots. the trooper has been identified at mh hammer. the suspect is in critical condition. the search cons for a 13 or 14-year-old boy who police say shot a man near the metro station in southwest dc. the victim was found on howard road less than a block from the station and take on the the hospital with serious injuries. former council woman he has lee johnson will be sentenced today for her role in a corruption scheme that the feds say lasted it along years. she faces up to 18 months in prison. her husband the former county execkive jackson johnson was sentenced to eight years in
5:37 am
prison for bribes. nato convoy torched in pakistan. more on the story coming up. markets first, big drops on the dow yesterday as european leaders failed to agree on a new debt crisis solution. the nasdaq fell more than 50. and overseas, the trend continues. the nikkei lost 128 points. we're back after this. 
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making headlines, nato oil supply tankers are burning in pakistan. over 20 trucks were loaded with fuels and supplies. hundreds of trucks are at risk because of travel restrictions. pakistan closed the boardeprote 24 pakistani soldiers two weeks ago. president barack obama promising to delay congress' year-end vacation as well as his own for as long as it takes to extend payroll tax cut. it has been putting more money into nearly everyone's wallet since it was passed. it expires at the end of the year. one problem with extending it, it is supposed to fund social
5:41 am
security. >> if the payroll tax cut is attached to a bunch of different issue, it's not something i'm going to accept. >> the concern is this, we're taking money out of the social security trust fund. we have a trust fund that we all know is going broke. real work needs to be done to preserve the trust fund. >> in the meantime, the senate rejected the majority leader's plan to extend social security tax cuts through 2012. the minority leader's plan didn't pass either. seven dc post offices are getting a major reprieve. they have been taken off the list of facilities set to be closed. they include brightwood, long worth, pentagon, tech world and temple heights the. post office has agreed to hold new hearings on the future of two other dc stations, one on 20th street and 19th street. the postal service is trying to
5:42 am
close a $15 billion budget deficit. the marshall airport getting a make over. it's going to pay for renovations over two years. the airport had its busiest year ever last year with more than 22 million passengers passing through there. more money for roads is at the top of virginia governor's list. he has outlined proposals to boost funning including raising the amount that roads get from the state sales tax. the governor wants to increase transportation's share of end of the year surplus. the redskins were grounded by the jets. any chance they can beat tom brady? >> the friday football forecast. plus, we are checking weather and traffic for you. stay with us. 
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5:45 on this friday morning. take a look outside. it's cold out there. bundle up. temperatures down into the 20s in some areas. so, ah. >> it is cold outside. >> sing it. sing it. go ahead. >> no, that's okay. >> all right. it is cold outside. bundle up. temperatures in the 20s and
5:46 am
30s. let's take a look at, let's go back to yesterday. hmm, what were the highs yesterday? do you remember? >> 40-something. >> look at that, 45 at reagan, dulles and guess what, i think today will be better. >> we should have played that number yesterday. >> yeah, you're right. hmm, okay. i don't think you can just play 45 though. >> well, it's one of the numbers. >> from what i hear. these are your temperatures across the region right now. 36 here in washington. baltimore 29 degrees. dulles 28, that's a popular number this morning. the other number, 27. it's 27 in cullpepper. let's take a look at satellite radar. a couple things, number one, it is clear here. new york city's got some clouds although some are pushing out. there's a frontal boundary that's going to make its way through here.
5:47 am
it will bring reenforcing cold air. we don't think that makes into our area though. clouds down to the south too. in fact, here's the surface map. here you go. there's the front, that comes through. behind the front, colder air and high pressure. so we're going to get cooler air for the weekend. and it will be a quiet weekend as the high pressure will guarantee not much is going to go on as far as the weather goes. for washington, d.c. for today, mostly sunny skies for the bulk of the day. clouds build in late, it will be warmer, 51 degrees for the high downtown. partly cloudy, chilly, lows in the 30s again. some of you again in the upper 20s. five-day forecast tomorrow, high only about 44 degrees tomorrow under sunny skies. sunny on sunday. 45degrees for your high. so cool one. and we remain cool on monday as well. that's a look at what is happening with your weather. and now let's find out what's happening on the area roadways.
5:48 am
>> i have a question for you. >> i have an answer for you. >> folks, you can't see julie, we are having a technical problem. since you knew this was going to be the case, are you in your pajamas. >> my footed pajamas and my hair is in a ponytail. i knew it. >> which caused the technical difficulty. oh, well. at least i'm wearing pajamas. >> there you go. >> all right. on the roads, we got problems traveling northbound georgia avenue, that's where we have the large sink hole along the left side of the highway. head's up there. no problems to report. beltway running smoothly. continue to work your way around from georgia avenue towards 270, nice easy drive here. southbound 27, headed from german town, you're still at speed. no problems to report right now continuing across the american legend bridge. next is 66 coming in, and it
5:49 am
too is starting to slow just a bit as you work your way from business 234 towards centerville. no problems to report. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. well it is friday and that means it's time to talk about the redskins upcoming match-up on sunday. >> yes. >> this time a real test, team called the new england patria 9 i don'ts. >> they're all a real test for the redskins these days, but this is massive. >> where do you start? >> tom brady. you have two hall of fame quarterbacks in this league. one is not playing. sure fire hall-of-famers and manning is who i'm talking about and the other one is tom brady. first ballot, three super bowl titles, this is the last time if you remember they played us when they had moss back in 2007. >> we don't have time to show all the touchdowns. >> three with his arm and two with his legs. >> that was a surprise.
5:50 am
>> only 52-7. >> yeah, i'm not saying that's going to happen this week, but i would say that if you had to lean towards one side, it could get really ugly. i hope the since prove me dead wrong. but without fred davis, without trent williams, the blind side is going to be tough. >> and it's a test for rick because when you get a team like the patriots, it's explosive. and things get out of hand. but the defensive players eager to face tom brady. take a listen. >> tough. we're going to try as best we can to contain him. a guy like that, i don't think you can try and stop. but we faced good quarterbacks this season and we put these guys in the same category. and we're not intimidated or scared, looking forward to the challenge. brady is the key. he makes it go. and playing at a high level.
5:51 am
there's a whole team, all built around him. all fit. they compliment him perfectly. and guys playing really well. >> i hope that they can figure out a way to contain him, but i don't see it. on paper, i can't see it. >> as an athlete, you want to play the best and beat the best so hope for the best. >> and hall of fame quarterback. we're jazzed up for capital show down saturday night here at the convention center. we have been talking about it three months. all the fighters come in. and yesterday it was final press conference. today the weigh-in at 2:00. but yesterday is the last time they talk to us. packed out. he's got the army. traveling from england. and they're chanting in the back. and you can see they're fired up. but i talked to the trainer and asked why he knows his guy is going to win. take a listen. [no audio ]
5:52 am
>> he basically said he knows his fighter is going to win because of the hard times that his fighter has been through. he and his brother basically grew up in the streets of the south east. so we're hoping this is going to be a heck of a showcase for boxing here in dc. gray was there yesterday as well. big pomp and circumstance. they're fired up. bocking, big-time boxing in well over a decade. the last time we had big time boxing, roy jones fought on the undercard, that was in 1993 and they weren't even the headliners. >> i love seeing the fight when you have such a different background in the fighters and it's almost like a flash, he's like the new york yankees. >> right. >> and the street guy with the creditability that's coming off hungry. >> he got up yesterday and literally, you know guys
5:53 am
probably talked for ten, 15 minutes and everybody is going through. and he says, look been talking about this for three months, i'm tired of talking, i'm ready to go. he's fired up. a really good showcase here in dc. a lot of talent on the under cards as well. >> good deal. tomorrow night. >> and chris wilson is going to join us to talk about the patriot game. >> a lot coming up here this morning. we hope you stay with us. we'll be talking about the big fight, the peterson fight and talk redskins with somebody that knows well. >> absolutely. in the meantime, a police officer committed to his job maybe to a fault. up next, a daring traffic stop in which the officer, yeah, that's him, grabbing onto the speeding car. what is behind this coming up.  to make a commitment
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is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads.
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but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t
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time to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day. it's jay. he is a 911 dispatcher and says he relies on fox 5 day and night. and we rely on you. thank you for what you do. if you would like to be monday's fan of the day, search for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under jay's photo. thank you. check this out, daring move from a police officer in china. that is him on the left.
5:57 am
on the windshield of a speeding car. the officer grabbed onto the car after the driver took off during a routine stop. >> the driver was arrested. the officer said he held on for so long because he could hear the sirens and he knew fellow officers were behind him. doesn't mean he was going to stop. >> holding on for dear life. all your top stories and weather and commute. but first, you are continuing to help us decorate our christmas tree there. is a hand crafted snowman. thank you so much. >> thank you. we're going to decorate the tree with the ornaments that you send in and donate the tree and ornaments to a worthy group here in the region. stay with us. 
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